A digital platform to help you organise, support and inspire communities and get ideas moving...

Quite simply we bring together communities, social innovators, educators and everyone who wants to get collaborative ideas into action on one platform.

Connect. Collaborate. Co-create

Make a positive change for the people and places you care about.

Our platform provides an open and transparent means for promoting the ‘vocalisation’ of ideas, and for deliberating, deciding and progressing the best of these ideas into meaningful actions. 

We encourage ideas and are committed to positively supporting change. We care about our impact on wellbeing and the environment, and we collaborate openly to encourage inclusion, wellbeing and participation. This ethos is not just a way of life for us but built into the foundations of our platform. 

a digital platform

Propose new ideas, rate and vote on projects, pledge involvement, track progress, check budgets.

That is accessible

Available online via a homepage or intranet widget.

For Positive change

An ideal platform for education, charities, businesses, housing associations, community groups and even government departments.

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Susan Rodaway

Operations Director

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