12 Reasons

12 Ways Customers are using Vocaleyes to their advantage

1. Boost customer engagement

Become great at listening. Meaningfully involve your customers in decisions about the direction of your business, products or services. Not only would that be democracy in action, but each priority could lead to an economic opportunity for your organisation.

2. Drive stakeholder engagement:

By including your customers, staff and partners in decision making and asking for their direct participation, you’re much more likely to receive their buy-in. In our experience, you are very likely to discover some “nuggets of gold” and improve your organisational strategy as a direct result.

3. Fostering a culture of participation

Engage your employees with the challenges of your business and enable more authentic, ongoing, “Big Conversations” that continue to help your organisation adapt, improve and evolve in ever changing times. Move beyond tedious top-down surveys to participatory democracy and community organising for Staff Voice.

4. Interactive digital as a way forward

Capture data in real time using a blended approach of face to face and digital activities in your engagement events. Bring an air of excitement to your staff conferences and away days with live data feeds on the big screen, real time collaboration, organising and decision making.

5. Inform decision making

Decide upon the challenges your organisation faces and pose the questions to your stakeholder communities. Encourage people to debate, rate and prioritise ideas for consideration. Easily draw down reports that can integrate with your existing governance processes to help inform decision making.

6. Cultivate intrapreneurship

Collaborate with your customers, suppliers and partners to improve existing products and services and co-create new ones. Tap into latent expertise that exists within your workforce. Gain valuable insights into your markets and stay closely connected with your customers.

7. Build capacity in your organisation

Encourage enthusiastic and capable members of your stakeholder communities to receive training and continued professional development (CPD) on the skills related to different aspects of the feedback loop. This will build capacity, free up valuable time for managers and coordinators with overall responsibility while empowering people with a greater sense of ownership.

8. Crowdsource projects and solutions

Tap into the latent capacity within your organisation where people are motivated to participate in meaningful projects. Put the emphasis back on your workforce and customer base to bring great initiatives to life.

9. Motivate with transparency

Set challenges, disclose budgets and announce calls for ideas. Watch people prioritise the best ideas for consideration and action. Deliberate, consider and progress ideas in an open and transparent way and show clear evidence of need and budget tracking for your project expenditure.

10. Corporate social responsibility / CSR

Gain great exposure by using your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) budgets to enable training, engagement and participation within the communities of your choice with guaranteed impact, tangible outcomes and positive publicity.

11. Be a “Listening Organisation”

Through engaging people, considering opinions, feeding back on decisions, enabling participation, acting on priorities, publicising outcomes and generating positive impact.

12. Replicate great ideas

Provide people with a mechanism by which the best ideas with proven financial, social and ecological impact can be discovered, prioritised, adapted and replicated. This approach turns the traditional top down process into one where momentum is generated from the bottom up.

12 Reasons
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