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Imagine if we could inspire and create something amazing together?

Both individuals and groups of people can create meaningful change but sometimes they just don’t know how, and let’s face it, change is not easy.  So, we built Vocaleyes, a platform for collective action to inspire ideas, promote collaboration and help groups to really make a change and move ideas forward.

Our platform empowers individuals and teams to co-create, share and collectively agree on and build projects, ideas and concepts.

Our Story...

Communities and organisations of all sizes are increasingly finding that current methods of stakeholder engagement and feedback, such as face-to-face meetings, paper-based surveys and brainstorming sessions are unsustainable and ineffective. Digital solutions mainly focus on engagement or feedback, never both – until now.

The Vocaleyes social enterprise was constituted as Vocaleyes Digital Democracy Ltd on 14th April 2014 and converted to Vocaleyes Democracy C.I.C. on 18th July 2019 Limited by Guarantee, Community Interest Company. This decision was made to support our social purpose and remove barriers to working with communities. 

Make a positive change for the people and places you care about

As a Community Interest Company, our mission is to inspire and build a better tomorrow. We’ve built a platform to help you do this. 

We encourage ideas and are committed to positively supporting change. We care about our impact on climate and nature and we collaborate openly to encourage inclusion, wellbeing and community purpose. 

This ethos is not just a way of life for us, but built into the foundations of our platform. 

Our Mission...

Meet Our Team

At Vocaleyes, we believe there is a better way to use technology for good. We’re obsessively passionate about what we do, and when you meet us, this will be what you remember.


Founder Peter Anderson

Peter Anderson

Founder & Business Director

Being the founder of Vocaleyes and leader of a trash samba band!

Be making something out of pallets, planting something or taking a long walk by the sea.

Empowering people and communities to help them fulfill their personal and collective ambitions.

Peter has been a passionate advocate of developing software solutions that address social participation for more than twelve years.  In 2010 he was awarded the prestigious 10 Downing Street Revolutionary Award by the then Prime Minister Gordon Brown and seen as “the one to watch” by NESTA. It was this recognition that set him on his journey to deliver breakthrough solutions to allow communities more say in democracy.

Sarah Hoss

Training Director

Presenting complex subjects in digestible nuggets, working tirelessly in my community.

Be cooking up a storm in my cottage kitchen

Healthy, satisfying food, happiness and a sustainable future for all our children.

Sarah is our first official advocate successfully promoting, selling and delivering training of VocalEyes inside large organisations. Sarah has spent most of her professional career focused on public service in pursuit of empowerment of people – in the NHS, education and in public service broadcasting. She has worked with numerous communities of disenfranchised and disabled people, before entering journalism attempting to progress the news agenda in Wales both in print and tv/radio journalism.

Sarah worked as a full-time broadcast journalist for the BBC for a decade having previously run a group of community newspapers based in Cardiff Bay.  A graduate of the Centre for Journalism Studies (Cardiff Uni) and having gained a PGCE (distinction) from the University of Wales Sarah has worked in FE/HE for nine years at Pembrokeshire College as a lecturer and marketing and PR professional alongside freelance broadcasting and blogging.

Susan Rodaway

Operations Director

Running operations at VE, multi-tasking complex projects and great customer support.

Be walking the clifftops of Gower with the family and the dogs, drinking coffee or working on a community project.

All things community and environmental and is always thinking of the next great idea!

Susan is a driving force in community engagement at Vocaleyes, she has worked with Vocaleyes for over three years and has a detailed knowledge of the product and the needs of the customers VE serves. 

Prior to joining Vocaleyes, she had a successful career with a large Pharmaceutical company in corporate sales. A graduate of Aberystwyth University in Genetics and Biochemistry, she is both analytical and methodical in her approach with a strong customer support orientated focus.

Other Team Members

Matthew Newbold

Marketing & Business Development Manager

Promoting the Vocaleyes platform to clients, partners and stakeholders. 

Running around taking children to various sporting activities, and even stepping on to the football pitch himself!

Communities in general, and in particular children and young people having access to opportunities to help them fulfill their potential.  

Born and raised in West Wales, Matthew is a fluent Welsh speaker with 20 years experience within the fields of business development, marketing and project management.

A graduate of Cardiff University, Matthew joined the Vocaleyes in June 2021 and is determined to help the organisation grow and develop in the years to come.

Arthur Rogers

Community Engagement Officer

Running community campaigns and projects.

Be chilling at a local coffee shop.

Social inclusion and bringing more people into democratic processes.

Arthur first began work as a volunteer at Vocaleyes before moving to his current role.  He brings a wealth of experience of successful campaigning to the role along with a commitment to promoting and enriching local democracy. Vocaleyes customers benefit from his strong customer service background.


During his time with us, Arthur has worked with all sectors to improve and develop participation and positive action. He is highly valued by our customers, supporting and guiding them to increase democratic engagement in their communities.

Sales Lead Generator

Talking too much.

What’s a day off?

Community, the environment, peace, justice, and the Grateful Dead!

Nick is the newest member of the Vocaleyes team having joined in September 2021, as part of the funding secured from the WCVA Third Sector Resiliency Fund Phase 2. He brings a wealth of experience in a number of fields from working with large private sector organisations to third sector community groups. 


Nick has already used his skills and knowledge to develop key relationships with organisations including Housing Associations and Town & Community Councils in Wales, and in the coming months he aims to promote and sell our platform across all our targeted sectors across the country. 



Our Awards

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