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We’re currently seeking associates and partners (UK and Worldwide) to actively promote, sell and deliver our solution to schools, colleges, universities, unions, local authorities, health boards, network organisations and other commercial institutions.

“I am a consultant for schools and last year I became an associate of Vocaleyes. I have been delighted with the response of schools to the platform. Head teachers and local authorities who care about Pupil Voice really understand how this approach to participatory democracy can not only support pupil voice, but also help children and young people understand why meaningful consultation with all pupils is important. Best of all, the children and young people love it, they like the digital platform and the fact that they can take part anonymously and know that the negative voices they so often encounter in social media have no outlet here. They see for themselves that the platform is an excellent tool for creating connections across the school and community to get things done.”
An Associate
Specialist in Education
“Since becoming an associate of Vocaleyes it has given me the opportunity to enhance what I’m already doing with my clients. And as an Associate bringing clients to VocalEyes, I have earned money for my business as well. I’ve found Vocaleyes a great partner to enhance my core activities and one who aligns very well with my values.”
An Associate

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