Business Improvement Districts

Effective engagement with your levy payers throughout your BID term

We understand that the success of any BID is determined by effective and successful communication and engagement with the businesses within your BID area. Whether this be consultation to set up a BID and the initial ballot process, continuous engagement during your 5 year term including a mid-term review to ensure your projects are a success and your business plan is on track, through to the vital consultation and evidence of engagement needed to run a successful renewal ballot.

Vocaleyes provides a digital engagement tool that gives a voice to your levy payers, allowing them to engage fully with the themes of work included in your plan and the projects themselves. Giving you the evidence and data you need to justify your decisions as a BID company and spend your levy income effectively to improve your town or city centre.

How we can help make your BID a success

BID development consultation

Vocaleyes can be used to engage with your business community to establish whether there is a demand to set up a BID, consult on the boundaries of the BID area, the levy fee threshold and much more.

An open and transparent 5 year plan

We can provide your businesses with a digital tool that allows them to feed directly in to your 5 year plan - giving their own ideas and voting on projects and themes. This will ensure your plan includes the projects your business community wants, which will significantly increase the chances of a positive 'Yes' vote.

Gain project feedback and improve decision making

When you start delivering your work, Vocaleyes can be used to gain feedback and monitor the success of projects, allowing you to make changes and decisions that are informed and evidence based.

Run a successful mid-term review

Vocaleyes will help you facilitate a robust mid term review of your projects, allowing businesses to rate and feedback on your work, allowing you to adjust your business plan accordingly during the final couple of years of your term in the build up yo your renewal ballot.

Involve community in spending decisions

You may want your businesses or the community to decide how to spend a specific pot of money, which can be extremely powerful in some circumstances e.g. when there's a need for unforeseen changes to your business plan like the COVID pandemic. Vocaleyes includes a Participatory Budgeting function, allowing your stakeholders to choose and vote on how best to spend funding.

Build trust and improve accountability

There may be some negativity towards your BID from some businesses. Vocaleyes allows you to evidence your consultation, engagement and decisions, giving you and your directors the data you need to show that you're completely transparent and working on behalf of your levy payers, delivering the projects and services that they have asked for.

Gain a 'Yes' vote in your Renewal Ballot

The most crucial part of any BID renewal ballot is the consultation and engagement with businesses. Vocaleyes provides an effective digital platform that can be easily accessed by all of your businesses giving them the voice they want. The data can then be used to produce your new 5 year plan satisfying the ballot holder and giving you the piece of mind that your future projects are what your businesses community have asked for, which is likely to result in a successful 'Yes' vote.

Get started…

We do not want price to be a barrier to introducing Vocaleyes to your BID. So, we have a flexible pricing model, which may vary depending on the number of your hereditaments. We can can also tailor a package to meet your individual needs and budget. Our platform can also include advertisements, enabling you to promote local businesses for free or to generate additional income.

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