Tapping into the knowledge, wisdom and ideas of your own people can drive innovation, increase efficiencies and improve satisfaction. 

When it comes to customers, businesses know that listening — to the pluses and minuses — is critical to retaining buyers and propelling growth. When it comes to employees, the same holds true. Employees want to be heard, and listening to what they have to say may be more than an eye-opening experience. It could mean progress and innovation. 

Vocaleyes provides the tools, training, integrations and ongoing support to make this a reality.

How we can help you to foster a culture of participation and harness human potential

For employers...

For employers, giving staff a voice is proven to contribute to innovation, productivity and organisational improvement.

It makes great business sense...

Strong employee participation allows businesses to tap into a vast source of knowledge and insight spread across the organisation. This means senior leaders can make decisions with more complete information, and a more diverse knowledge-base, leading to better outcomes.

For employees...

For employees, it often results in increased job satisfaction, greater influence and better opportunities for development.

Those in authority can effectively hear the voice of those they represent and respond quickly and decisively. Using VocalEyes can enhance decision making in your organisation.
Jane Davidson
Vocaleyes has the potential for revolutionising the activities of any group of people that share a common interest whether they are learners, employees, communities or members of an organisation.
Geoff Elliott
Director of Business Development and Community

Get started…

We do not want price to be a barrier to introducing Vocaleyes to your business. So, we have a flexible pricing model, which may vary depending on your number of employees and which we can also tailor to meet your individual needs.  

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