Climate challenge

Benefits for Climate Action

Councils are taking action to reduce their own carbon emissions and working with partners and local communities to tackle the impact of climate change on their local area.

Vocaleyes are working with councils right now to move beyond declarations towards effective action.

Local authorities are in a unique position to facilitate and lead change programmes given their knowledge of and roles in local communities but cannot be expected to have all the answers. Without widespread cooperation and community participation, any plan will be challenging to roll out in such a complex society and economy.

The creation of a plan in partnership with diverse communities is an opportunity to design a future that works better for everyone, and not just in relation to the climate and natural environment but the many other issues and opportunities that deeply affect people’s lives. For many of our customers, this marks the start of a new way of doing things, taking account of the different perspectives and knowledge people bring, and navigating difficult issues through engagement and increased understanding.

As well as using our platform to realise change, we have also put together a repository of nature and climate solutions.

Let’s replicate great ideas!

This online library provides targeted guidance to meet the needs of different audiences – individuals and households, community groups, schools, businesses, and councils. No matter who you are, you can find proven solutions and support to create real change. Each solution comes with a list of resources and tools for extra information and support.

They’re complemented by real-life case studies showcasing inspiring people who have already taken action and created positive change within their communities.

To enable meaningful and science-based action, the solutions have been built around the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the Welsh Well-being of Future Generations goals. This ensures that even when making personal lifestyle changes – which can at times feel insignificant in the face of global problems – we’re all working toward the same aims.

Collectively, we can make an impact on a national and international scale.


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