Community engagement leads to improved outcomes.

People care about the future of their neighbourhoods and they want to be part of determining their futures.  Increase the capability of local people to have a greater say over decisions that affect their communities and their everyday lives with Vocaleyes.

Vocaleyes provides the tools, training, integrations and ongoing support to make this a reality.

How we can help you to connect with your community:

Build engagement

People want to have a say, and when they feel their voices are influencing change, they remain engaged.

Build accountability and transparency

Participatory budgeting is a powerful way to improve accountability and empowers people to take a more active role in their community.

Foster Trust

Using the platform will encourage new relationships and build trust between citizens and communities.

Using Vocaleyes can enhance your decision-making. Those in authority can hear the voice of those they represent and respond quickly and decisively.
Jane Davidson
Director, INSPIRE
The level of engagement on Vocaleyes was considerably more than I expected and this has really helped to shape the Neighbourhood Plan.
Simon Proffitt
Chair, Neighbourhood Plan Advisory Committee
Using Vocaleyes for Community Voice helps us to clarify our ever changing priorities and strengthen our collective voice for the community.
Arthur Rogers
Vice Chair, Pennard Community Council

Pennard Community Council effect change and action.

Pennard Community Council (PCC) has become the first community council in Wales to undertake what’s known as Participatory Budgeting with a proportion of the annual precept. This is all about local people making decisions directly over how local public budgets are spent. 

For example, in Pennard the community council use Vocaleyes to prioritise how to spend up to £5k of the community precept.  Under the scheme, funding has already been allocated for grant match-funding for a feasibility study for the suggested Community Hub.

Get started…

We do not want price to be a barrier to introducing Vocaleyes to your community. So, we have a flexible pricing model, which we can tailor to meet your individual needs and budget.  

12 Ways customers are using the Vocaleyes platform to their advantage…

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