Housing Associations

Connecting communities with proactive tools to listen and engage.

Housing Associations provide an invaluable service everyday by providing affordable homes and support to local communities. They are measured by how effectively their services are delivered to citizens, and how much of a positive difference those services make to people’s lives. 

Digital tools from Vocaleyes offer an opportunity for associations to reshape the way they engage with their customers and connect with their communities. 

How we can help you to share skills, learnings, and ideas directly with your community for stronger relationships and deeper connections.

Create resilient, positive communities

Enhance tenant, resident, staff and stakeholder engagement.

Be inclusive and authentic

Provide an authentic and digital feedback process

Build better with data intelligence

Ask your tenants for ideas and feedback to turn into tangible actions with insightful data.

Improve accountability

Participatory budgeting is a powerful way to improve accountability and transparency. It also empowers tenants to take a more active role in their community.

Save time and money

Save costs by implementing ideas that get buy in from your tenants.

Private and secure

Groups are private and profiles are secure and anonymous which give everybody the confidence to take part.

Boosts engagement and experience

The platform is easy to use and enhances the experience by identifying and actioning tenant priorities.

Sovereign launches ‘Your Community Your Choice’ fund.

Sovereign Housing forges ahead with participatory budgeting despite the pandemic by partnering with VocalEyes and using the digital tool to provide a transparent, democratic and engaging process for improving residents’ local communities in Bristol and Abingdon.

"Participatory budgeting is a vital community-building tool that directly involves residents making the decision on what they’d like to see funded most in their community. Even with the current economic uncertainty, this is a great way for the community to come together virtually and engage."
Michelle Smith
Sovereign Housing, Head of Communities.

Get started…

We do not want price to be a barrier to introducing Vocaleyes to your organisation. So, we have a flexible pricing model, which may vary depending on your number of tenants, which we can also tailor to meet your individual needs.  

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