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Understand and build on what matters most.

Discover what matters most to citizens and civil servants, as well as anyone using public services.

With the Vocaleyes platform you can use the collective knowledge of your community to shape ideas and build better places.

How we can help you to connect and engage in a meaningful way:

Shape policy with insight

With Vocaleyes, you get actionable feedback, insights and ideas, helping you shape policy, improve public services and reduce costs.

Increase engagement

Deliver outstanding local services with actionable feedback from your constituents and employees. We’ll help you get closer to the people you serve and build a complete understanding of their needs and wants.

Be inclusive and authentic

Provide an authentic and digital feedback process.

Save time and money

Save costs by implementing ideas that get buy in from the start.

Private and secure

Groups are private and profiles are secure and anonymous which give everybody the confidence to take part.

Deliver better experiences

Engage council staff to deliver citizen-centred experiences, all the while managing your program budgets.

Improve decision making

Make better decisions and build an informed strategy by using the insight on the platform which can be collected and presented in various formats.

Openness builds trust

Increase leadership legitimacy through transparency, inclusion and political efficacy.

Improve accountability

Participatory budgeting is a powerful way to improve accountability. It also empowers your community to take a more active role in their community.

Using Vocaleyes for Community Voice helps us to clarify our ever changing priorities and strengthen our collective voice for the community.
Arthur Rogers
Vice Chair, Pennard Community Council

Pennard Community Council effect change and action.

Pennard Community Council (PCC) has become the first community council in Wales to undertake what’s known as Participatory Budgeting with a proportion of the annual precept. This is all about local people making decisions directly over how local public budgets are spent. 

For example, in Pennard the community council use Vocaleyes to prioritise how to spend up to £5k of the community precept.  Under the scheme, funding has already been allocated for grant match-funding for a feasibility study for the suggested Community Hub.

It was immediately clear Vocaleyes could offer an innovative and interactive platform for engaging communities in an open and democratic process with the potential to help create viable, vibrant and sustainable communities.
Helen Grey
RDP, LEADER, LAG Coordinator

Get started…

We do not want price to be a barrier to introducing Vocaleyes to your community. So, we have a flexible pricing model, which may vary depending on your population, and which we can tailor to meet your individual needs and budget.  

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