Are you ready for positive change in your
Communities, Neighbourhoods, Cities and Businesses?

There is a growing trend towards localism, civic participation and being active in community-based decisions. In fact, studies show that a community’s sense of belonging is directly connected to its ability to understand and shape its own vision.

On the Vocaleyes platform, you can create open dialogue, trust, and tangible action. 

Bringing positive change and action to everyone.

Businesses & Organisations

Tap into the knowledge and ideas of your own people


Create collaborative partnerships that supports open participation.


Harness the strengths of your community as a force for good.

Youth & Education

Get involved, be heard and make a difference.

Platform modules super charged with rich features:

Turn [on/off] modules:


Set up a page for the organisation.


Set up Groups for your community i.e., students, teachers, parents, neighbourhoods, tenants, staff, housing associations etc. 


Create Topics of conversation and challenges for the community to respond to.


Create, debate and engage with your community around ideas. Our ‘average rating’ and scoring system allows you to easily navigate and prioritise around ideas. 


As ideas turn into real projects,you can pledge your time and interest here.


We all need "to do" lists to keep us on track. Keep on top of activities, their priorities status and dates. Plus, track learning outcomes of projects as they happen. 


Easily find news related to your groups, latest ideas, pledges and resources.


Find, view and manage budget information and transactions. It’s open and transparent, ideal for participatory budgeting.


Use motion to vote on more serious proposals that might bring new policies or procedures into place.


Access events and meetings related to either your group or projects. 

Built with you in mind:

For the user:

For the administrator:

Replicating ideas and projects

The sharing of best practice across communities is another feature that is embedded at the heart of the Vocaleyes platform. As great ideas progress through to actions and tangible outcomes that have proven social, environmental and economic benefits, these are then easily shared, seeded and replicated throughout other similar groups.

Connect the dots, Dorothys, Davids, dog walkers…

One platform. Lots of ways to say “yes!”

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