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Young people want to be heard, respected and valued.

Research indicates that children and young people who believe they have a voice in school, college, university or within a youth setting are seven times more likely to be academically motivated than those who don’t.  Vocaleyes is a secure, easy to use platform that helps you do just this in your education setting. 

How we can help you to turn ideas into action and teach positive engagement,
digital skills and citizenship to young people.

Private and secure

Groups are private and profiles are secure and anonymous which give everybody the confidence to take part.

Boosts young people's experience

The platform is fun, easy to use and enhances the young person's experience by identifying and actioning student priorities.

A great teaching tool

Using this digital platform is a great way to teach online etiquette and digital skills from an early age.

Being able to decide on what is important in the school, and then having Vocaleyes as a platform from which to collate the opinions of all students, really feels like their voices are being heard in a purposeful way.
Luisa Munro-Morris
Head Teacher, Bryn Bach Primary School
Establishing Parent Voice in schools is a really important way of engaging parents in their child’s education. Quite simply, parents are asked to add, rate and debate ideas for school improvement. Now from the comfort of their homes they can feel involved and listened to.
Project Lead
Burry Port Primary School
Vocaleyes has really helped change the relationship between students, the Students Union and the university. The platform has enabled us to come together as one and work together in a collaborative way to make real change for students on the campus.
Dan Doyle
Students Union President. UWTSD Carmarthen
Vocaleyes has completely changed how things are done here. It was quite hard for students views to go up to a senior level at the university. Now, when I take a report with hundreds of students saying they want this and why, it massively helps the campaign.
Beth Thomas
Students Union President. UWTSD Swansea
Vocaleyes has given the students a voice and allowed them to have their say on issues that matter to them. This digital platform has opened up the lines of communication so students are engaged and take an interest in College life. Seeing how VE has been so effective in engaging with our students, the College is now looking to roll it out to staff.
Fay Harris
Marketing & Comms Manager. Neath Port Talbot College
VE offers a user-friendly networking opportunity to all users. For my students, it facilitates the development of a supportive community for research, networking, community action and demonstration of community support. The VE team has given several training sessions to the Faculty of Business and Management which has stimulated much discussion. It’s another valuable support mechanism for our development.
Steve Griffiths
Assistant Dean, UWTSD
This is such an effective way of engaging pupils in the democratic process. Our School Council and Participation Groups love it and are already using the information to plan the school developments they want. Pupils learn so much about how schools work, where the finance comes from and what others think of their ideas. They have to think critically about the issues which arise and are keen to explore some of the topics they are unfamiliar with.
Anna Bolt
Head Teacher, Glyncollen Primary School
Vocaleyes is a digital participatory democracy platform that can bring together digital competence, pupil voice, citizenship and ESDGC across the primary and secondary school. It supports the UNCRC participation rights for children including the right to a voice, the right to be listened to, to exercise agency and negotiate meanings with others.
Pennard Community

Case study: Cadaxton Primary

At a Digital Democracy event delivered by Sarah Hoss, 70 pupils from Year 5 and 6 at Cadoxton Primary School crowd-sourced their ideas for school improvements. The results? Collaboration, engagement and over 207 ideas generated. 

Get started…

We do not want price to be a barrier to introducing Vocaleyes to your school, college, university or youth organisation. So, we have a flexible pricing model, which may vary depending on your number of students, which we can also tailor to meet your individual needs.  

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